About Us

Safety Pulls are door attachments for safe, contact-free opening of latchless pull doors. Our line of products allow the use of feet and arms to open doors, rather than hands.

We are a small team of builders and creators located in West Chester, PA. Through our local manufacturing and powder coating process, we are able to provide complete hands free door solutions to our customers. 

Our customers range from individual restaurants to nationwide retailers, and from small offices to high-volume tourist destinations.

Why Safety Pulls?

Our products allow hands free door opening, reducing the contact between individuals and pull door handles. This is particularly valuable in high-traffic locations such as entrances and restroom exits.

The high-quality design and finishes on our product enable hands-free door opening without the degradation of ambience even in high-end locations. They are free from flat surfaces that collect dust and grime, and serve their job for you without serving as an advertisement for our product.

We are proud to manufacture high-quality products right here in the USA, and each product is manually inspected for quality. This high quality process enables us to provide a one year manufacturer's guarantee. Our integrated manufacturing footprint enables short lead times even on large bulk and custom orders.

Contact Us

You may contact us any time with questions or comments through the methods described on our Contact Us page.